Pastor Mike explains how a new life in Christ means a new life to live


Remember the Lord’s supper one more time in this intimate and thought provoking service


Pastor Gabriel opened the new series last Sunday exporing the hope we have to give as Christians


The Anchor band brings you another soul searching Worship Evening. Bring your praises to the king of glory!

The Anchor is a church that empowers you to be the bringer of change, to impact lives, and share the love of Jesus into YOUR community
We believe the Church contributes to the atmosphere, culture and success of a city and our nation. Our vision is to be a Church numerically so large that we transform business, education, entertainment & sports, family & healthcare, media, politics and spirituality one person at a time. We are committed to empowering every person to make a positive difference in their world through demonstrating the extraordinary God.

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We want to be good and faithful servants, and we want the same for you. Come and chat with us about our passions and vision for this great city.

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